When entrepreneurial journalism is neither entrepreneurial nor journalism

I’ve often commented that the future of news will be distributed among smaller, nimbler and collaborative organizations. And when anyone can publish, the point of  “sustainability” – the amount of cash each needs to keep going – will vary wildly.

My former colleague Buddy Nevins today writes about the perfect illustration – an independent blogger in Deerfield Beach, Fla., whose work has led to three indictments of sitting city officials. (Which is, um, three more than my old city-desk staff managed during my tenure.)

Particularly noteworthy: I doubt that Chazz Stevens would fit your definition of “journalist.” Heck, he might not even accept the title if you offered it to him. Nor is his site – the aptly named My Acts of Sedition – anything more than a labor of passion.

My takeaway: If you’re a traditional media operator – or even an entrepreneurial journalist – you have to recognize that others out there can and will survive and publish on far less than you need. Rather than fight them in a race to the bottom, embrace them as potential members of loose content (or even advertising) networks.

H/T to Buddy for his original post – and for the fine, independent journalism he continues to inflict upon* offer to South Florida.

(*I’m betting he’ll consider that a compliment.)


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