Irony, thy name is “Blogger”

I started reading a new blog today – one launched by a handful of writers to continue the work they were doing at a now-defunct trade magazine.

I commend them. They’re gamely carrying on in the face of the implosion of their publication, and they’re doing it without getting paid.

But I’m not linking to them here because I don’t want to embarrass them. The new site is, well, a bit of a mess.  has issues.

First, it’s hosted at Don’t get me wrong – Blogger is fine if all you’re looking for is a free, fast, personal site. But its functionality pales compared to the open source (and equally free!) tools like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

Second, the “life boat” magazine site has a dreaded subdomain URL: (site name) I won’t get geeky here, but there are subtle search-engine drawbacks to a subdomain. And a blogspot URL just. Looks. Rookie.

Third, the site doesn’t have an ad unit. Anywhere. Sustainability, anyone?

In fairness, I suspect the writers believe this site is temporary. There’s a slim chance the magazine will be resurrected. It’s even more likely the Blogger site is simply a placement – a way to keep the writers’ work visible while they put together a more-substantive site.

But the irony is dripping all over the floor (and the damn dog refuses to clean it up the way he takes care of my snack crumbs): Writers who covered the demise of an industry that couldn’t cope with technological change … aren’t using technology very well.

What to do? Well, the inestimable Mark Briggs has a boatload of useful advice at J-Lab’s J-Learning site. (my only quibble: stop calling it “newspaper” in a box! Think “niche site in a box!”)

I’ll be adding some of my own thoughts about free technology tools over at the GrowthSpur blog. (Link coming when I, um, get the post finished. Nothing like a deadline…)

(Big hat-tip to erstwhile competitor @AmyVernon for noting the irony.)

REVISED TO ADD: In a Facebook conversation on this topic, someone fretted about the technology being complex – perhaps even too hard. To which I politely say “nonsense.” I can do this.


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