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You got laid off – now what?

2 Jun

I can tell there was another round of layoffs at one of my old newsrooms: I’ve had a flurry of LinkedIn invites from former colleagues. There’s been the usual grumbling about the heartless bastards at corporate, at how these cuts will only further diminish our Noble Religious Calling, etc. – but the reality is these […]

All these crickets

9 Feb

I’m feeling guilty about the light (read: non-existent) posting for the past couple of months. The gang at Muppet Labs and I have been building something new, soon to arrive at So while there’s only been the sound of crickets over here, there’s lots of hammers banging and saws whirring over there. Stay tuned […]

Been silent lately …

17 Sep

… while I started a new gig. I’m now serving as a senior director and publisher for a news and public affairs project at My time working with both GrowthSpur and has been a blast. But the chance to work with Christine Montgomery and the crew at PBS was too much to pass […]

A gratuitous post about baseball – and what it means for paid content

12 Apr

My favorite ballclub opens their brand-new stadium today, so forgive me if I seem a bit preoccupied. Watching all the hoopla – on multiple media platforms at once – gives us all another lesson on the folly of the paid-content argument from some traditionalists.

Amtrak meets expectations

16 Mar

I’m a member of more frequent-traveler programs than should be legal, the legacy of nearly five years on the road. So last Friday, the email box overflowed with birthday wishes from Southwest, U.S. Air, Marriott, et al. Monday, another arrived. From Amtrak. In other words, just like the Northeast Regional trains I used to take […]

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